The Vallejo-Irvine Program for Professional Development is proud to host our inaugural VIP专业发展研讨会 designed to celebrate and advance professional development efforts at Mines.  Join us for an afternoon of informative workshops and engaging panels with several special guests, 矿业的校友和目前的教职员工.

这个活动对所有来自矿业社区的成员开放!  担心你不能参加所有的活动?  没有问题!  请随意报名 任何 这一天的活动.



In addition to the amazing workshops and panels scheduled for our VIP专业发展研讨会, 与会者将:

  • Learn to hone valuable essentials skills that will pay dividends well beyond one’s first job
  • Walk away from the VIP专业发展研讨会 feeling fired up and filled with useful information and connected to new contacts
  • 更加关注矿业的专业发展
  • Get the opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading workplace and career specialists share her expertise


主讲人及午餐会- 12:00 - 1:15

Lindsey Pollak - Recalculating: Navigating Your Career Through the Changing World of Work

Bestselling author and one of the world’s leading career and workplace experts, Lindsey Pollak, 会分享她最近出版的书的想法吗, Recalculating: Navigating Your Career Through the Changing World of Work. 她还将关注拥有成长心态的好处, 了解自己的价值观,做出深思熟虑的职业决定.

分组会议(下午1:30 - 2:20)

Workshop – Your Personal Brand: Secrets of Soft Skills Success and Career Acceleration (Petroleum Hall)

由Lindsey Pollak报道

在这次及时、鼓舞人心、以行动为导向的演讲中, 纽约时报 bestselling author Lindsey Pollak promotes the importance of developing and maintaining a stellar personal brand in today’s multi-faceted, 全球, 不断变化的工作世界. 她的建议和轶事取材于及时的研究, her own extensive experience and two decades of experience guiding successful professionals across a wide range of industries and experience levels. 最大的影响, 林赛提供了现实世界, actionable tips to help you take immediate steps to apply the advice in such areas as communication, 网络, 管理, 处理冲突并在混合环境中工作.  

前50名注册者将获得一本林赛的书, 从大学到职场!


Panel – Transitioning From Mines – A Panel of Recent Graduates (Friedhoff Hall 2)

Hosted by Andrew Flynn, Director of Alumni Engagement (CO School of Mines Foundation)

A panel of recent graduates will reflect on their experiences in professional development within their first five years from graduating. 听听他们在地雷之后去了哪里, 它们是如何到达那里的, as well as their successes and lessons learned in their journey from being a student to a professional.  深入了解如何为这种转变做最好的准备, what professional competencies are essential for success and how to develop those skills. Participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions of graduates who have recently been in their shoes.

分组会议(下午2:30 - 3:20)

工作坊-梦想远大! w/弗兰·瓦列霍(1987)(金属厅)

Presented by 弗兰 Vallejo ’87 – Board Member, Coterra Energy and Crestwood Energy GP LLC.

弗兰 Vallejo’s 35-year career has taken her from geophysicist to retired ConocoPhillips senior executive officer to philanthropist and beyond.  Throughout this time, 弗兰 has also served on several boards including the Mines Board of Trustees. 2011年,她被公认为 《泛亚电竞平台》上的简介 “值得一看的女人”奖. 

Join us as 弗兰 reflects on lessons learned throughout her career and discusses the value in taking risks, 网络的用处, 沟通的艺术和回报的重要性.



由Paul C. Johnson和Jason Hughes,矿业首席营销官


几个国家调查, 甚至是最近的泛亚电竞研究, reveals that businesses are looking for graduates who can communicate well. It’s an essential skill that can mean the difference between progressing and languishing; rising or falling. 在这个会话, you’ll learn what employers are looking for in candidates and get tips on how to improve and showcase your communication skills in various workplace settings and situations. President Johnson will be on hand to share his own insights on the topic and examples from his career in industry and higher education.


Workshop – Success in Engineering Through Project Management (Friedhoff Hall 2)

由经济学教授David Culbreth主持 & 业务

Learn how engineering projects are planned, executed and led through successful project management. 泛亚电竞平台将回顾小型企业的项目管理技术, 大中型项目, 以及团队建设和克服挑战所需的技能


分组会议(下午3:30 - 4:20)


由Andrew Pederson协会介绍. 教授(货币事务研究所@泛亚电竞)

在《泛亚电竞平台》中,”  we will assess where your starting salary typically goes and discuss ways to maximize your finances.  We will review common mistakes, pitfalls with budgeting, types of accounts and m任何 other topics.  Bring your financial questions and start your career off on the right track!


Workshop – Pinwheels to Pathways: A Workshop on 职业生涯自我管理 and Decision Making (Petroleum Hall)

由Kristen Tandy主持. Dev. 顾问(矿业就业中心)

Selecting a career can feel like a huge decision, and for some can be filled with stress and anxiety.  Join the Career Center for an interactive workshop where participants will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and navigation of career opportunities through using the whimsical magic of pinwheels. 通过应用基于证据的原则 以行动为导向、希望为中心的职业发展模式 participants will deepen their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth.  通过反射, 学生将对自己的职业目标有清晰的认识, driving pathways thinking and increasing agency towards reaching those goals.  At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a symbolic souvenir of their career!




分类. 副总统.,泛亚电竞平台





主题发言人,Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak is a 纽约时报 bestselling author and one of the world’s leading career and workplace experts. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations navigate and thrive in the 不断变化的工作世界.

林赛被提名为2020年思想家50人雷达名单, which honors the top 全球 management thinkers whose work is shaping the future of how organizations are managed and led.